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What Services Should I Expect from an Oral Surgeon?

July 26, 2018

Sleeping child receiving oral surgeryWhen it comes to basic preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry services, a general dentist is likely your best bet. If you need more complex treatments, it may be time to call a specialist. Dentists who specialize in specific areas of the field have advanced training to perform specific procedures safely and effectively. A specialist usually invests in a wider range of advanced technologies to ensure the comfort, efficacy, and speed of the treatments they offer. Oral surgeons are dental specialists who offer patients complex procedures. Many oral surgeons are both dentists and medical doctors. This allows them to provide an even greater range of oral surgery services.

The Importance of Following Pre & Post-Operative Care Instructions

October 21, 2017

Patient in exam room talking to oral surgeonWhen it comes to oral surgery, many people worry about what’s going to happen to them during their procedure. However, an oral surgeon will tell you, what you do before and after your surgery is just as important as anything that happens during treatment to ensure a safe, successful outcome. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of following pre and post-operative care instructions.

Oral Health Preserving Marietta Tooth Extractions

August 19, 2017

happy woman with flawless smileWhen you think about restorative dentistry, losing teeth probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, there are occasions when tooth extractions are the best option to preserve overall oral health. In these cases, your general dentist may offer tooth removal, but working with an oral surgeon may be a better option. If there are complications during or after extraction, you’ll end up visiting an oral surgeon anyway. Consider cutting out the middleman to save yourself some time, stress, and discomfort down the line by starting your tooth extraction plan with an expert.

Oral Surgeon in Marietta Discusses Tips for Jaw Surgery Recovery

July 20, 2017

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Your oral surgeon in Marietta offers jaw surgery recovery tips.If you have an upcoming jaw surgery, you probably have several questions about the recovery process. These unanswered questions can cause you to have a great deal of concern and hesitation about the procedure ahead. At Muskingum Valley Oral Surgery, we do not want you to feel anxious about the healing process. For your piece of mind, your oral surgeon in Marietta, Dr. Jeff Lee, has the tips you need to promote a stress-free recovery process.

For Tooth Extraction in Marietta, Trust Muskingum Valley Oral Surgery

November 24, 2016

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For tooth extraction in Marietta, come to Muskingum Valley Oral SurgeryThe main objective of dentistry, of course, is to help people keep and maintain healthy teeth for a lifetime. So, when you find out that you need to have a tooth extracted, the news seems almost counterintuitive. Nevertheless, there are circumstances in which removing a tooth really is the best option. When you or a family member needs tooth extraction in Marietta, you can count on Muskingum Valley Oral Surgery for professional and compassionate care. Read on to learn about the reasons for extracting a tooth.