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Muskingum Valley Oral Surgery Blog

Can I be Put to Sleep During Oral Surgery?

April 16, 2018

Hand with IV for anesthesia administrationMany patients are scared when they hear oral surgery will be necessary to restore their smiles. To ensure complete comfort and safety during these advanced surgical procedures, most oral surgeons offer a wide range of dental sedative options from the mildest nitrous oxide to general anesthesia. Before beginning your surgical treatment plan, your oral surgeon will discuss your options, explain the benefits and potential drawbacks, and help you find the best sedative option. If you need to be put completely to sleep during your procedure, oral surgeons can typically accommodate you.

Do I Need to Keep Visiting the Dentist if I Have Implant Dentures?

Senior man eating an appleMany patients falsely believe that their dental implant supported denture doesn’t need to be cared for like real teeth. However, it’s important that you continue your daily at home hygiene routine and visit our office every six months for dental checkups and teeth cleanings. Even though your implant supported prosthetic teeth aren’t the natural ones you were born with, they are teeth you may be able to keep for the rest of your life. That’s why you need to continue caring for your implant retained denture. In this post, we’ll talk about how best to care for your denture supported by dental implants to ensure that you can keep your implant retained tooth replacement prosthetic as long as possible.

Does Smoking Increase Risk for Implant Failure?

March 30, 2018

Older man snapping cigarette in halfIf you’ve just invested thousands of dollars in your smile, the last thing you should do is smoke, but we understand for some people stopping is easier said than done. For patients who replace one or more missing teeth with a dental implant supported restoration, we highly recommend doing your utmost to stop using tobacco. Studies show that people who use tobacco are significantly more likely to experience dental implant failure, and we all know by now that tobacco use puts you at greater risk for oral cancer, other forms of cancer, and serious systemic illnesses. If you’re investing in a whole, healthy smile, it may be time to kick your tobacco habit.

Warning Signs of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

March 23, 2018

ddentist alking to young female patient about wisdom tooth impactionWisdom teeth, third molars, are often extracted due to the many adverse effects they can have on a patient’s overall oral health. Impaction is one of the most common reasons patients need to have their wisdom teeth extracted. A tooth is said to be impacted if it is unable to fully erupt from the smile, it partially erupts at the wrong angle, or it partially erupts and is recovered by soft tissue one or more times. When wisdom tooth impaction occurs, there are numerous adverse effects it can have on your oral and overall health. Your surrounding teeth may be shifted out of alignment, you may be at greater risk for decay in these impacted teeth, and your entire bite may no longer work properly, leading to strained TMJ and other concerns. If you have impacted wisdom teeth, an oral surgeon may recommend extraction to ensure you maintain a healthy, properly functioning smile.

Your Implant Dentist Talks About Bone Grafting — When Is It Necessary?

February 20, 2018

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oral surgeryGetting dental implants is an important step for anyone who wants to replace their missing teeth in the best way possible. However, the implant process is complex, and in order for it to be successful, a bone graft is often necessary. Your implant dentist in Marietta, OH is here to talk about this important procedure and the reasons behind it.


How Much Does It Cost to Get a Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

February 5, 2018

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tooth holding coinNot everyone has wisdom teeth, and not everyone who has wisdom teeth needs to get them extracted. However, it isn’t uncommon for these third molars to present a serious risk to a patient’s oral health, in which case a dentist is likely to recommend a wisdom tooth extraction in 45750. The well-being of your mouth should be the biggest factor that influences your decision of whether to undergo the surgery, but it’s important to look at monetary considerations as well. Let’s examine some of the factors that can influence the cost of the procedure.


Dental Tourism Not Worth It Says Your Implant Dentist in Cambridge

January 15, 2018

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An older man thinking.In recent years, many Americans have been opting for a new method of getting the dental services they want or need. This means traveling abroad. However, according to your implant dentist in Cambridge, you’ll want to reconsider. While it may be enticing to hear people getting dental treatments for less overseas, you only put yourself at greater risk. Not only may you not save any money in the process, but it could cost you more by the time you get back.

In today’s post, we’ll be discussing the “dental tourism” phenomenon and explain why you’re better off getting your needed dental work done locally instead.


Do I Need Emergency Tooth Extraction?

January 8, 2018

patient receiving tooth extractionYour dentist will work hard to help you maintain your healthy, natural tooth structure, but there are some situations when tooth extraction is the best option for your oral health. In many cases, these tooth extractions are performed during a dental emergency. If you experience facial trauma or injury that may require the removal of one or more teeth to restore oral health, you may be able to contact an oral surgeon to get the tooth removal services you need immediately. In this post, we’ll walk you through some of the dental emergency situations where you should contact an oral surgeon for assistance.

Why Is Technology Important for Dental Implant Placement?

December 20, 2017

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looking at dental X-rayDental implants are the gold standard when it comes to replacing missing teeth. They provide benefits that other prosthetics do not, such as remarkable longevity and the prevention of bone loss. They also look and feel natural. Really, anyone who suffers from a gap or two in their mouth should look into receiving a dental implant in 43725. But before you leap into the implant process, you might like to understand a bit more about the technology that will help to restore your smile.


Your Implant Dentist Discusses How Implants Affect Bone Density

December 16, 2017

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pretty senior womanAccording to countless dental professionals, implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. They are strong, they look great, and in many cases, they last for a patient’s entire lifetime. But since implants get inserted into the jawbone, many women with osteoporosis wonder if they’re candidates for the procedure. After all, adequate bone density is an important factor in whether the new teeth will be able to properly bond with the body. Your implant dentist in Marietta, OH is here to talk about this quandary.


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