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Muskingum Valley Oral Surgery Blog

For Facial Trauma, Visit the Emergency Oral Surgeon in Marietta

November 10, 2018

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Oral Surgeon on the Risks and Benefits of Antibiotics

November 9, 2018

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Antibiotics have traditionally been prescribed before procedures to reduce the risk of an infection affecting the important recovery process. However, new research from Delta Dental and the American Heart Association has shown that this is often not necessary for heart conditions. In fact, for many patients, the risks of antibiotic overuse to heart health can actually outweigh the potential benefits. Your oral surgeon in Marietta OH heeds this advice and prescribes preventive antibiotics only as necessary for those at greatest risk of having an adverse health effect without them.

About the New Guidelines

Out of the research, which was published in the American Heart Association’s journal Circulation, comes the news that only patients who are at the highest risk of developing the serious condition infective endocarditis (IE) need to take preventive antibiotics before an oral procedure. This is an infection which affects the thin inner lining of the heart and its valves; it occurs when bacteria enters the bloodstream and travels to the heart. Because the gums provide a quick entryway into the blood, dental procedures may pose a particular risk for this type of infection.

This research adds to a growing body which suggests that overuse of antibiotics in general poses a significant threat — with side effects like adverse reactions to the antibiotics and also the proliferation of drug-resistant bacteria. By controlling the distribution of antibiotics to those cases in which they are absolutely needed, medical professionals can help to reduce these effects.

When Antibiotics Are Still Necessary

Of course, this research from the American Heart Association does point out the cases in which preventive antibiotics are needed to protect a patient. These instances include the following:

  • Patients with a history of IE
  • People with artificial heart valves
  • Patients with certain congenital heart conditions
  • And other highly specific cases

In these and other cases where your oral surgeon believes that an antibiotic is necessary to prevent the risk of infection during the critical healing phase after a dental procedure, he or she will not hesitate to prescribe. But this research is good news for patients who do not need those preliminary antibiotics!

Meet Your Oral Surgeon

Dr. Jeff Lee graduated from The Ohio State University and has become a trusted Marietta, OH oral surgeon since he began his private practice here. Throughout his career, Dr. Lee has received numerous awards for his professional, academic, and personal success. To learn more about his oral surgery services or to schedule an appointment, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Lee. He can be reached by phone at (740) 432-8768.

Your Implant Dentist in Marietta Says Go Hi-Tech to Replace Your Teeth!

October 25, 2018

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model of mouth receiving dental implantLiving without your teeth is not a happy proposition. It leaves you without the ability to perform some of the normal tasks that are common place with a healthy set of digits. Thankfully, dental implants in Marietta provide a way to replace your teeth in a manner that closely resembles that of your natural condition. One of the ways to ensure you have a successful procedure completed, though, is to work with a implant dentist who uses the latest technological advancements to provide the care you need. Find out why this is important as we continue along our journey.


Do You Need an Emergency Tooth Extraction in Cambridge?

October 15, 2018

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A woman with mouth pain listening to a dentist.What do you do if you wake up one morning and experience severe tooth pain? What if you accidentally damage your tooth after biting a piece of food too hard or after tripping, falling and landing face-first on the ground? In both of these cases, you just might need an emergency tooth extraction in Cambridge.

While you won’t know for sure until you get to an oral surgeon, it’s always better to know what the signs and symptoms are as well as what the extraction process entails. Today, a dentist is prepared to do exactly that.


Oral Surgeon in Marietta, OH: What Happens After Anesthesia

September 14, 2018

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A woman at her dental appointment.Did you know that 60,000 people across the United States have surgery under general anesthesia? This combination of drugs makes it easy for patients to undergo surgery without worry or discomfort. It dampens pain, keeps your body as still as possible, and knocks you completely unconscious. It was a breakthrough that truly changed the way doctors of all different fields practiced medicine.

If you plan on having an implant placed or a significant amount of dental work done, chances are an oral surgeon in Marietta, OH mentioned that you’d received general anesthesia. Here’s what you can expect.


Had a Recent Extraction? Contact an Implant Dentist in Marietta Today!

September 5, 2018

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A person with an uncovered implant.Whether you’ve had a tooth extracted due to tooth decay, gum disease or an injury, you’re going to want to get it replace sooner rather than later. Having an empty space in your smile is never a good thing as neighboring teeth can start to shift soon after. Plus, your biting force will start to diminish as your jaw bone begins to shrink.

By visiting an implant dentist in Marietta, you can start planning your treatment and figure out how long you need to wait before the implant can get placed.


A Hospital is Not the Place for an Emergency Tooth Extraction 43725

August 23, 2018

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patient receiving tooth extractionWhen you are faced with a medical emergency, dial 911 or head to the nearest emergency room. But what should you do if you have a dental emergency? Can the local hospital take care of that, too? Chances are the answer to that question is no. The doctors and nurses may be able to provide pain relief and antibiotics, but they do not have the training required for emergency dental care. For that you’ll need to see a dentist. So if you or a loved one needs urgent dental care, such as for an emergency tooth extraction 43725, be sure to contact a dentist right away.


With Dental Implants in Marietta OH, You Can Have More Secure Dentures

August 13, 2018

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smiling denture patientIf you wear removable dentures, then you know that they can sometimes be a hassle. For instance, your dentures may make a clicking sound when you’re eating or talking. Dentures also have a tendency to loosen over time, which can lead to gum irritation. Worst of all, removable dentures have been known to pop out at the most inopportune time. You don’t have to put up with these problems. Did you know that dentures could be attached to dental implants for a more secure anchor? Called an implant-retained denture, this prosthetic offers the beauty of a full denture and the security of dental implants in Marietta, OH.


What Services Should I Expect from an Oral Surgeon?

July 26, 2018

Sleeping child receiving oral surgeryWhen it comes to basic preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry services, a general dentist is likely your best bet. If you need more complex treatments, it may be time to call a specialist. Dentists who specialize in specific areas of the field have advanced training to perform specific procedures safely and effectively. A specialist usually invests in a wider range of advanced technologies to ensure the comfort, efficacy, and speed of the treatments they offer. Oral surgeons are dental specialists who offer patients complex procedures. Many oral surgeons are both dentists and medical doctors. This allows them to provide an even greater range of oral surgery services.

Why You Should See an Oral Surgeon After Facial Trauma

July 23, 2018

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covering face after accidentAccidents are an unfortunate fact of life. Whether you’re playing your favorite sport, navigating your way through traffic, or just having a good time with the kids, there is always the small chance that you may suffer a facial trauma. If one of these frightening and painful incidents ever befalls you, you may need to visit your oral surgeon in Marietta, OH so you can get your smile on the road to recovery.


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