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Oral Health Preserving Marietta Tooth Extractions

August 19, 2017

happy woman with flawless smileWhen you think about restorative dentistry, losing teeth probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, there are occasions when tooth extractions are the best option to preserve overall oral health. In these cases, your general dentist may offer tooth removal, but working with an oral surgeon may be a better option. If there are complications during or after extraction, you’ll end up visiting an oral surgeon anyway. Consider cutting out the middleman to save yourself some time, stress, and discomfort down the line by starting your tooth extraction plan with an expert.

Simple Extractions

Simple extraction or tooth “pulling” is always the ideal option. These procedures are possible when the tooth has fully erupted from the gum line and is not interfering with the health and function of surrounding teeth. The procedure itself is completed by numbing the area around the tooth. Then, we use forceps to grip the top of the tooth and rock it gently back and forth. This breaks down the connective tissue, allowing the tooth to come free.

Complex Tooth Removal

When the tooth has fused too firmly to the supportive structure, is unable to fully erupt (impacted), or it cannot be pulled, a complex, surgical extraction may be necessary. These procedures can simply require cutting away soft tissue to expose more tooth structure. However, they are typically much more involved, requiring the surgeon to drill into supportive structures, break the tooth into several pieces, or perform other advanced surgical processes.

Possible Complications

Because of the high risk for complication, it’s always preferable to have an oral surgeon perform even a simple extraction. If you experience an issue during or after the procedure, a general dentist will refer you to a specialist, so consult with a local oral surgeon if you’d like to find out more about this option before you begin. Some of the complications that may require patients to visit an oral surgeon include:

  • Missed piece of tooth that can lead to sensitivity or infection following removal
  • Unsuccessful simple extraction that requires surgical intervention to complete
  • Damage to nerve structure or jawbone

Meet Dr. Lee

Dr. Jeff Lee is a trusted Marietta oral surgeon. He offers a wide range of surgical dentistry services to keep patients smiling. Dr. Lee understands that most patients who visit him and the Muskingum Valley Oral Surgery team do so at an inconvenient time. Our patients are in pain, injured, and under more stress than most. That’s why we always take the time to directly address your comfort and help you quickly renew the optimal level of oral health. Contact our dedicated oral surgeon and team to find out more about tooth extractions or any of our other services today.

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