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What Services Should I Expect from an Oral Surgeon?

July 26, 2018

Sleeping child receiving oral surgeryWhen it comes to basic preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry services, a general dentist is likely your best bet. If you need more complex treatments, it may be time to call a specialist. Dentists who specialize in specific areas of the field have advanced training to perform specific procedures safely and effectively. A specialist usually invests in a wider range of advanced technologies to ensure the comfort, efficacy, and speed of the treatments they offer. Oral surgeons are dental specialists who offer patients complex procedures. Many oral surgeons are both dentists and medical doctors. This allows them to provide an even greater range of oral surgery services.

The Importance of Following Pre & Post-Operative Care Instructions

October 21, 2017

Patient in exam room talking to oral surgeonWhen it comes to oral surgery, many people worry about what’s going to happen to them during their procedure. However, an oral surgeon will tell you, what you do before and after your surgery is just as important as anything that happens during treatment to ensure a safe, successful outcome. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of following pre and post-operative care instructions.

Oral Surgeon in Marietta Discusses Tips for Jaw Surgery Recovery

July 20, 2017

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Your oral surgeon in Marietta offers jaw surgery recovery tips.If you have an upcoming jaw surgery, you probably have several questions about the recovery process. These unanswered questions can cause you to have a great deal of concern and hesitation about the procedure ahead. At Muskingum Valley Oral Surgery, we do not want you to feel anxious about the healing process. For your piece of mind, your oral surgeon in Marietta, Dr. Jeff Lee, has the tips you need to promote a stress-free recovery process.

Implant Dentist in Marietta Provides Fear-Free Appointments

July 1, 2017

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Your implant dentist in Marietta provides general anesthesia. If you have an upcoming oral surgery, it is easy to feel anxious or uneasy about the procedure due to the fear of pain or discomfort. At Muskingum Valley Oral Surgery, Dr. Jeff Lee understands your concerns and works to promote a stress-free appointment. He uses general anesthesia to put your worries at ease while enhancing your comfort during your surgery. Now, you no longer need to feel frightened or anxious about your procedure. Dr. Lee will help you relax. No matter if you need a wisdom tooth extraction or the placement of implant posts, your oral surgeon and implant dentist in Marietta, Dr. Lee, can help.

Implant Dentist in Marietta Explains the Recovery Process

May 21, 2017

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Your implant dentist in Marietta will replace your missing teeth.If you have made the decision to invest in your oral health and quality of life with dental implants, you are making a wise choice. However, you are sure to have plenty of questions about the implant placement procedure and recovery. As your implant dentist in Marietta, Dr. Jeff Lee understands you have many questions and concerns. To help put your mind at ease, he has the answers you need to promote a smoother recovery.

Benefit from Dental Implants in Cambridge to Replace All Your Missing Teeth

April 19, 2017

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Dental implants in Cambridge can replace all your missing teeth.Although your teeth are made to last a lifetime, that does not always happen. Roughly 35 million Americans do not have any remaining natural teeth. If you are among those missing all the teeth on the top or bottom arch, you need an effective solution to replace your teeth. While you could choose a traditional option, like dentures, they will never really look or function like natural teeth. Not to mention, they can be inconvenient and uncomfortable. Now, you can choose the most preferred tooth replacement option with implant retained dentures. As a dentist for dental implants in Cambridge, Dr. Lee will restore your smile and oral health with a lifelong solution.

Are Dental Implants in Cambridge Right for Me?

March 26, 2017

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Learn if dental implants in Cambridge are right for you.If you have seriously damaged teeth, such as due to decay, you need an effective solution to restore your oral health. Often, when teeth can no longer be repaired, it is best to have them extracted. However, by doing so, you will then need an option to replace the lost teeth. Now, several advancements in dentistry provide you with various options to replace your teeth. You could choose a traditional method, such as a dental bridge, or you could go with a more advanced option like dental implants. Dental implants in Cambridge are often the most preferred, but they are not the right option for everyone.

Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants in Cambridge

February 6, 2017

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Your specialist for dental implants in Cambridge.If you are among the 178 million Americans missing one or more teeth, you can make a true investment in your smile with dental implants in Cambridge. Dental implants have quickly become the preferred solution to treat tooth loss because they offer over a 95% success rate. With them providing a lifelong option for a complete smile, more than 500,000 dental implants are placed each year. If you are considering this option to replace your lost teeth, your top question probably involves the cost. Although dental implants do cost more than traditional tooth replacement options, they will pay for themselves as the years go on.

Where is the Best Implant Dentist Near Me?

January 13, 2017

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Dental implant dentist near me.If you have recently made the choice to replace missing teeth with dental implants, you are probably wondering, “where is the best implant dentist near me?” Look no further. Muskingum Valley Oral Surgery will perform your implant placement procedure. Working closely with your general dentist, Dr. Jeff Lee and his dental team provide the high-quality care you need for accurate, successful results.

Jaw Surgery in Cambridge, OH

July 7, 2016

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jaw surgerySometimes, malocclusion (a misaligned bite) can be corrected with orthodontic treatment. However, there are other times when jaw surgery is necessary. No one likes the idea of any kind of surgery. However, if the benefits of the outcome outweigh the short-term inconveniences, then jaw surgery may be the best solution. For jaw surgery in Cambridge, OH, more residents trust Dr. Jeff Lee at Muskingum Valley Oral Surgery.