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Modern Dental Treatment in Marietta

We are committed to providing the highest quality of care, in the friendliest setting and timeliest manner.  Our modern equipment, facilities and utilization of advanced technologies is unmatched in the region as is our commitment to serving you better through modern treatment.

State of the art x-ray equipment allows for the rapid capture of the most diagnostic images at the lowest radiation dosages in the industry.  Utilization of advanced treatment planning software for implant dentistry will make your surgery safer, faster and more successful while lowering the likelihood of surgical complications.

With a recent investment in the most advanced digital scanner available, Dr. Lee is able to obtain virtual impressions of your teeth, implant site, and supporting structures to make digital models of your dentition for both treatment planning and to fabricate your final implant restorations.  This saves you and your dentist time, and is far more comfortable then the traditional methods of making dental models with ridged impression trays and materials that taste bad and gag you.