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Single Tooth Replacements – Cambridge, OH | Marietta, OH

Seamlessly Completing Your Smile

Woman with beautiful smile Many patients who are missing a single tooth prolong replacing it because they believe it’s a minor problem. However, besides the appearance of a gap in your smile, one missing tooth can cause serious oral health problems. Unlike other medical conditions that get better with time, dental issues will only get worse. Missing just one tooth can cause jawbone deterioration, shifting of remaining teeth, problems with gum tissue, and additional tooth loss. That’s why Dr. Jeff Lee offers multiple single tooth replacement options to complete your smile and keep you healthy.

Single Tooth Replacement Options

Dr. Lee can replace your missing tooth with either a fixed bridge or a dental implant:

Fixed Bridge

A fixed bridge is a custom-made prosthetic that replaces the visible portion of your tooth. This dental bridge literally “bridges” the gap between two teeth. It is fixed to your natural teeth or it can be attached to a dental crown on either side. These crowns are affixed to your remaining teeth to provide support for your bridge. This missing tooth solution looks natural, feels natural, and it will restore your full dental function as well as prevent drifting of your remaining teeth.

Single Tooth Implant

This option replaces your entire tooth from the root up. Dental implants are small titanium posts that are placed in your jawbone to act as artificial tooth roots. Titanium allows for implants to integrate into your jawbone, creating a long-lasting support for your restorations. Dr. Lee will surgically place your dental implant into your jaw, allowing for 3 to 4 months for the implant to fuse to your bone. During this waiting period, you’ll be given a temporary crown to wear to maintain your appearance. After, Dr. Lee will mount your permanent crown onto your implant to create a lasting, beautiful, and functional replacement.

The Benefits of Implant-Supported Single Tooth Replacement

While dental bridges can replace your missing teeth with beauty, implant-supported single tooth replacement can offer you benefits that you simply can’t get with other options:

  • Dental implants are the only tooth replacement that preserves your jawbone, preventing it from deteriorating by stimulating it.
  • An implant-supported tooth replacement doesn’t require the removal of any of your natural dental structure on either side of the gap in your smile.
  • Dental implants allow your restoration to mimic the way that your natural teeth emerge from your gums, giving you the most realistic-looking replacement.
  • With proper care, dental implants can last for a lifetime.

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Are you ready to replace your missing tooth? If you’ve been putting it off, you now know the importance of completing your smile. Contact our office today for any of your tooth replacement needs. Dr. Lee and his team are experienced in providing various solutions for your missing teeth.