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Which One Would Win in A Fight? Dental Implants or Natural Teeth?

May 13, 2024

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In one corner, we have dental implants – the ultra-reliable replacement option of the century!

In the other corner, a local favorite – that’s right, it’s your very own, perfectly natural teeth!

Two dental favorites come head-to-head to answer the ultimate question: which one is stronger? As human beings, we’ve just got to know. Plus, this could seriously impact your dental decisions. Are you ready for the results? Good – then keep reading and get ready to rumble!

Round 1: Natural Teeth Possess Raw Dental Power

In terms of physical force, dental implants and natural teeth are closely matched. Dental implants restore 80% of your bite power. For a concrete comparison, dentures only provide 30%. Apples, steak, popcorn, and other tough treats don’t stand a chance. You’ll be able to bite into almost any food you want with this replacement solution.

However, your natural teeth are the standard. They give you 100% of your bite power, so unless dentists find a way to create some crazy cybernetic dentals, the pearly whites you’re born with are likely to stay on top.

Round 2: Dental Implants Can Go the Distance

Natural teeth are tough, make no mistake. Enamel is the hardest substance in our bodies, even surpassing our bones. They can, however, decay. If you’ve ever had a cavity, you already know that that can go south pretty quick.

Dental implants have two parts: the post that anchors to your jawbone and the visible crown. The posts are a titanium alloy, while the crowns are made of hardy materials such as composites or porcelain. Technically, neither substance can decay! Although your oral tissue can still be affected by conditions like gum disease, your implant will be more or less immune. In that sense, they are more durable than natural teeth.

Dental Implants vs. Natural Teeth – It’s a Tie! Or Is It?

Not really. You see, even though dental implants are an incredible replacement option for patients with missing teeth, you should stick with the naturals if they’re perfectly healthy.

For one thing, dental implants are expensive. There are ways to afford them when needed, otherwise, you’ll want to save your money for a rainy day. While they’re definitely durable, dental implants just can’t compare to the overall strength of your natural teeth.

So dental implants didn’t actually stand much of a chance against natural teeth. Even though healthy originals are the clear dental winner, it’s nice to know that if you ever need to replace a gap, dental implants are an excellent runner-up.

About the Author

Dr. Jeff Lee has conducted original research in dental implants, so if they ever do become stronger than natural teeth, he’ll know about it! In the meantime, Dr. Lee will be happy to help you maintain your oral health. If that happens to involve a dental implant treatment, this certified oral surgeon will use his experience to provide quality care. You couldn’t be in better hands! To contact his office for a consultation or appointment, call 740-629-9055 or explore his website for more information.

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