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5 Causes of Dental Implant Pain

December 23, 2019

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woman with dental painNothing is more devastating than losing your teeth, but thankfully you can enjoy a close replica to what nature gave you with dental implants. You’ll make a long-term investment in your smile using a solution that’s proven to last for decades. After you’ve healed from the procedure, your new smile will closely look and feel natural. You shouldn’t experience any discomfort. Although it is rare, it can occur, but what can cause dental implant pain in Marietta? Here are 5 potential reasons for your discomfort.

1. Inferior Alveolar Nerve.

The inferior alveolar nerve (IAN) runs along the buccal side of the jawbone from the mental foramen.  This establishes the mental nerve, which can be straight, vertical, or in an anterior loop. Depending on certain variations with the loop, trauma to the area can occur from dental implant placement, which increases the risk of post-surgery complications, like pain or bleeding.

2. Bifid or Trifid Mandibular Canal

The inferior alveolar canal (IAC) is typically a single canal featuring the neurovascular bundle. Generally, a 2 mm “safety zone” is recommended when placing dental implants because it’s common for there to be multiple smaller branches running parallel to the main IAC. If the branches are large or there are several, a dental implant may violate the “safety zone,” which can cause pain.

3. Inadequate Keratinized Tissue

There is a band of tissue at the base of your teeth known as the keratinized tissue. When a tooth is lost, the tissue is influential to create a natural-looking appearance when using a dental implant to fill the space. If there isn’t enough tissue surrounding the post and/or restoration, it can lead to pain, which can worsen when brushing your teeth or chewing.

4. Bone-to-Implant Contact

Your implant dentist in Marietta will use a CT scan to ensure your jawbone can support the posts. Despite careful review, there are times bone levels may look normal, allowing you to proceed with the placement procedure. If pain develops, it could be the result of poor osseointegration, which can occur if there isn’t enough bone.

5. Predisposition for Pain

There have been cases where certain medical or genetic risk factors can increase a patient’s likeliness for developing pain after the implant surgery. There have been reports in patients who have fibromyalgia, temporomandibular disorders, or depression. Although there is no known direct cause, the pain is often categorized as “peripheral painful traumatic trigeminal neuropathy.”

Treating Dental Implant Pain

Depending on the underlying cause of your discomfort, your dentist will find a suitable solution to stop your pain based on your individual needs. If you have a problematic dental implant, don’t wait to contact your dentist to get the relief you need.

About Dr. Jeff Lee

Dr. Jeff Lee underwent advanced training in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery after earning his dental degree. Over the years, he has regularly continued his training to help patients with complex oral health needs, like tooth loss. If you’re ready to replace your missing teeth with dental implants in Marietta, he can help. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation.

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