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Ways to Enjoy the Holidays While Recovering from a Tooth Extraction

November 24, 2020

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an extracted tooth held between a pair of dental pliers

If you’re using your time off this season to have a tooth extraction in Marietta, OH, you may be wondering how you can still enjoy the holiday festivities while recovering at home. Although it may require packing additional over-the-counter medication and a cold compress, it is possible to have fun without compromising the healing process. Read on to find out what tips you can follow to keep your oral health in check while preparing to ring in the New Year with the ones you love.

Get Plenty of Rest

In the first 24 hours after your procedure, you’ll need to get plenty of rest. You’ll also need to avoid physical activity because it can increase blood flow and cause additional swelling. You’ll also be less likely to eat or drink much during the first few days, which can cause dizziness. It is best if you plan to give yourself 2-3 days to devote solely to rest and recovery before planning to go anywhere or have guests over.

Consider Your Travel Plans

If you are flying to your holiday destination, your oral surgeon in Marietta, OH, will likely recommend you wait a few days after your surgery. The same can be said for driving or traveling by train. This will allow time for your swelling and bruising to go down (even slightly), making the trip a bit more enjoyable. Just don’t forget to pack an over-the-counter pain reliever and cold compress.

Consume Soft Foods

Eating hard, crunchy, or dense foods after an extraction is not the best idea. Not only do you not want to dislodge the blood clot, but it will be difficult to chew without causing additional soreness and discomfort. Instead, opt for softer, blander foods that can be easier to consume. Eggs, applesauce, mashed potatoes, baked yams, and stuffing are great options, but you’ll also want to remember to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Be Mindful of Physical Activity

If you and your family enjoy participating in a rousing game of football or running a 5K when together, you may want to sit these out. After a tooth extraction, you are strongly advised to avoid strenuous activity for several days, as you’ll need to allow your mouth to fully heal. Instead, feel free to watch from the sidelines or bring cards and board games for everyone to enjoy.

While you may not think to put oral surgery and holidays together, you can successfully accomplish both if you do it the right way. Be mindful of what you eat, how much rest you get, the activities you engage in, and when you plan to travel. In doing so, you’ll continue healing properly and avoid missing out on fun with family and friends.

About the Author
Dr. Jeff Lee and the team at Muskingum Valley Oral Surgery want you to have a wonderful holiday with family and friends. If choosing to undergo oral surgery of any kind during your time off, we will provide you with the tips and techniques you need to recover successfully and continue enjoying time spent with the ones you love. If you or a loved one are preparing for surgery during the holiday season, contact us at (740) 432-8768.

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