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5 Reasons to Be Grateful for Dental Implants

October 25, 2021

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Senior woman with dental implants enjoying dinner with family

During the last few months of the year, many people pause to think about the things they are grateful for. Of course, family and friends top the list of reasons to be thankful. But many other things, including dental implants, deserve a spot on that list. Let’s talk about how this form of tooth replacement can enhance your quality of life and support your overall wellness.

They Restore Chewing Ability

This time of year could also rightly be called “feast season.” Whether you are gathering with relatives to enjoy a traditional dinner or just snacking on some of your favorite wintertime treats in the office, the ability to chew food well plays a big role in what you can eat and how much you enjoy your meals. Dental implants are much stronger than dentures and allow you to consume virtually anything, including turkey, salads, pies, and so much more. You can even indulge in sticky seasonal treats, like peanut brittle and other candies (just be careful not to overdo it).

They Look Beautiful

Many families love to take photos when they gather together for celebrations. In the past, your missing teeth might have caused you to hide your smile. Now, though, dental implants may have changed things. Implant restorations look almost identical to natural teeth, so you can let your smile shine bright even when the cameras come out.

They Support Overall Health

Sadly, tooth loss is associated with a shortened life expectancy. The correlation may be due to a number of factors, but the fact remains that an incomplete smile is detrimental to overall wellness. By restoring chewing ability and supporting your emotional health, dental implants may play a part in helping you to enjoy many more years of life.

They Are Easy to Care For

If you ever had traditional dentures, you might have felt inconvenienced when you had to remove your prosthetic every night, carefully clean it, and then store it properly while you slept. Most dental implant restorations are permanently fixed in the mouth, so you can treat them almost as if they were natural teeth.

They Are Accessible for Most People

If you haven’t yet gotten dental implants, you might be under the impression that you do not qualify for them or that they are out of your reach financially. But there is good news! Most patients do qualify for the procedure, and there are financing options available that can work within many families’ budgets. If you get started with your consultation now, you could have an entirely renewed smile by this time next year.

What are you grateful for? Dental implants might not be as important as family or friends, but they are a reason to be appreciative.

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Dr. Jeff Lee is an experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon who serves Marietta, Cambridge, and the surrounding communities. Dental implants are one of his specialties; in fact, he is the proud owner of a Master of Science in the area of dental implants. To learn more about Dr. Lee and how he may be able to serve you, contact either one of our offices. Call our Marietta location at 740-236-9392 or our Cambridge location at 740-432-8768.

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