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Why Do I Need an Oral Surgeon for My Extraction?

August 18, 2020

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Model of patient needing a tooth extraction in Marietta, OH.Every tooth is essential for a healthy, functional smile. New advancements in dental care allow your dentist to preserve them for longer than before. Unfortunately, there might come a time when your dentist recommends having one extracted, such as from an injury or impaction. You might have expected your family dentist to remove it, but instead, they’ve referred you to an oral surgeon for your tooth extraction in Marietta, OH. There’s no need to worry. Here are 4 reasons why you might need to see an oral surgeon to take out your tooth.

1. Complex Extraction

The positioning of your teeth may make it difficult for your dentist to successfully remove a tooth. In addition, other factors related to your facial structures can also influence your dentist’s decision to refer you to an oral surgeon, like limited jaw mobility or large sinuses.

A complex extraction can also include a tooth that has entangled or curved roots. In some cases, infections in the teeth or bone can classify an extraction as complex.

2. Cracked or Fractured Tooth

If a tooth has suffered damage that extends near the gum line or below it, you might need an oral surgeon. The tooth has a high likeliness for breaking when trying to remove it, making the extraction more intensive.

3. Impaction

If a tooth is fully or partially trapped below your gum tissue, you’re going to need an oral surgeon to remove it, such as with a wisdom tooth. Your dentist can’t pull out the tooth with the gum tissue covering. As a result, you’ll require the skill of an oral surgeon to open the tissue to extract the tooth.

4. Anesthesia

If you suffer from extreme dental-related fears or you don’t want to be awake during the extraction, you may need to visit an oral surgeon. Many dentists offer nitrous oxide or IV sedation to reduce anxiety or discomfort; however, they may not be enough for all patients. An oral surgeon has undergone advanced training in anesthesia to ensure your safety while extracting your tooth.

Choose a Qualified Oral Surgeon

If your dentist recommends an oral surgeon to remove your tooth, it’s best to follow their advice. Although having a tooth extracted is rarely a pleasant experience, having the right oral surgeon by your side will make all the difference. It’s best to take the time to consider all your options to choose the best one who meets your needs and your expectations. Your oral surgeon will ensure a stress-free process of removing your tooth.

About Dr. Jeff Lee

Dr. Jeff Lee earned his dental degree at the Ohio State University College of Dentistry. He continued his training to complete a 4-year residency in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Dr. Lee can treat the most complex extraction cases to restore the health and function of a smile. He is specially trained to offer anesthesia to ensure your comfort as your tooth is removed. If you need an extraction, contact our office today to schedule your consultation.

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