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Only Replace Teeth with an Implant Dentist in Cambridge!

June 23, 2017

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Are you considering visiting an implant dentist in Cambridge?If you’re missing a tooth or even several, replacing your teeth is probably top on your priority list. When considering the various options available on the dental market to replace your teeth, it’s common for patients to become overwhelmed. Dr. Jeff Lee, the oral surgeon at Muskingum Valley Oral Surgery, is here to clear the air. Dental implants are the next best dental prosthetic to natural teeth and you should always have them placed by an implant dentist in Cambridge.

Dental Implants Are Just as Great as Natural Teeth

Dental implants are hands-down the most effective tooth replacement option available today. They stand strong with a success rate of 95%! When you properly care for your dental implants, they can last a lifetime. What makes them so great is that they address both vital parts of your missing tooth: the visual aspects (crown above the gum line) and the tooth root (below the gum line).

Benefits of Dental Implants

Having a healthy, full smile comes with unlimited benefits. After losing pieces of your teeth you may feel that confidence start to diminish. But, imagine being able to re-stabilize your smile with tooth replacements that are built to last the rest of your life! You can get just that and experience the versatility that dental implants offer. More so, you will begin to feel strong about your smile and confident once again!

Implant-retained prosthetics, such as full or partial dentures, can be attached securely to a patient’s smile with the help of only a few implants for patients that are missing multiple teeth. That’s right! Dr. Lee can significantly reduce your future costs for additional services, prosthetics, and other restorations. Some other positive things about dental implants include:

  • Ability to blend well with the rest of your smile with seamless, tooth-colored dental prosthetics.
  • Durable restorations built to last the rest of our patient’s lives with the proper care and regular checkups.
  • No abrupt changes in your dental hygiene routine, your restorations can be cared for just as regular teeth.
  • Ability to chew, speak, and smile confidently once again.

When You Choose Dental Implants in Cambridge, You Can’t Go Wrong!

If you’re wondering if there’s a limit to how many teeth you can replace, you don’t need to worry. The answer is LIMITLESS! You can replace a few teeth or bridge them together with dental implants. Crowns and bridges can be attached to implant posts. They replace single or several teeth in a row with high-quality, natural materials that blend amongst your natural teeth.  A single crown or two attached crowns can typically be supported by a single dental implant.

Partial or full dentures can be used if you’ve experienced more severe tooth loss. Dr. Lee may recommend attaching dentures to a few strategically placed implant posts. You won’t have to worry about slippage, dentures falling out, or foul-tasting adhesives. Fortunately, with implants, they will stay in place with the biocompatible titanium posts that are already implanted in your jaw.

Contact Muskingum Valley Oral Surgery

Ultimately, you and Dr. Lee will be able to discuss the best options for replacing your missing teeth during a scheduled consultation. Contact us today to reserve the next available appointment!

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