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Does My Insurance Cover Procedures by an Oral Surgeon?

December 20, 2018

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Do you need oral surgery? Whether it’s time to get your wisdom teeth removed or you’re thinking about getting dental implants to fill in the gaps in your smile, you may need the services of a skilled oral surgeon in Marietta, OH. But you may wonder about the financial aspects of your upcoming procedure. Will your insurance cover it? Let’s talk about this important topic.

Dental Insurance and Oral Surgery

Most dental insurance plans have a strong focus on preventative care, such as cleanings and checkups. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t provide coverage for certain types of oral surgery. For example, wisdom teeth extraction is a common procedure that is often essential for protecting a patient’s oral health. Many dental insurance companies cover up to half the price of the procedure.

Some dental insurance policies offer coverage for other oral surgeries as well. For example, they may help with dental implant placement and bone grafts.

If you’re not sure how your dental insurance applies to a specific procedure, you can check your policy’s fine print or ask your dentist or oral surgeon for help.

Medical Insurance and Oral Surgery

The main purpose of medical insurance is to protect your overall well-being, and oftentimes, a person’s overall health depends on them undergoing an oral surgery. For example, dental implants, facial reconstruction, and wisdom teeth extraction might all be covered by your medical insurance. You’ll have to look into the details of your policy to find out for sure what it covers.

Affording Your Oral Surgery

Here are a few tips to help you use your insurance and other means to make your procedure affordable:

  • You should get a reliable estimate of the cost of your procedure beforehand, including your estimated out of pocket fees. If you’ll be responsible for paying a significant portion of the surgery’s price, you may be eligible for low- or no-interest financing.
  • If you require more than one oral surgery, you might be able to use different insurance policies to cover them. You may also be able to have the procedures done in different calendar years so you can take advantage of two annual maximums with your dental insurance.
  • Ask your Marietta, OH oral surgeon about their financial policy. Do they require upfront payment? What forms of payment do they accept? Knowing the answers to such questions will help you budget for your procedure.

You shouldn’t let financial concerns stop you from getting the oral surgery you need. Thanks to insurance and financing, it may not be as hard as you thought to find room in your budget for your procedure.

About the Author

Dr. Jeff Lee is an experienced oral surgeon who is proud to serve Marietta, Cambridge, and the surrounding areas. He accepts many forms of insurance, and our friendly office staff will be happy to help you apply for financing if necessary. If you would like to learn more about Dr. Lee’s services or his financial policy, contact our Marietta office at (740) 236-9392.

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