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5 Reasons to Replace a Back Molar, Even If You Can’t See It

July 1, 2020

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Close up of mouth after molar tooth extraction in Marietta, OH

Losing a tooth in childhood can be an exciting experience, but it’s much more alarming later in life. In fact, losing a permanent tooth can be quite overwhelming, especially with all the toot replacement options to choose from. After a back molar tooth extraction in Marietta, OH, you may be wondering if you really need to replace a missing tooth in the back of your mouth. However, not restoring your complete smile now may cost you much more time and trouble in the long run. Here are five reasons why you should replace a missing tooth in your beautiful smile, even if you can’t see it.

1.) Chewing Can Become More Difficult

Teeth aren’t just for looks—especially your back molars! Each one plays an important role in chewing and grinding up food. Back teeth encourage an even bite, which reduces strain on the jaw and extra pressure on the front teeth. Over time, eating with a missing back molar can wear down the remaining teeth and cause them to chip or crack.

2.) Your Remaining Teeth Will Shift & Change

When a gap opens up in your smile, the nearby teeth will begin to shift towards it. Without the pressure of the missing tooth to keep them in line, they may tilt, tip, or migrate into the open space. This triggers a domino effect, which may eventually lead to a mouth full of crooked teeth.

3.) Your Jaw Can Become Stiff & Painful

It’s likely that you’ll naturally start to chew more on the opposite side of your mouth as the missing tooth. This uneven pressure on your jaw joints will inevitably lead to stiffness and pain. Eventually, you may develop TMJ disorder, which could require therapy, medications, or surgery to correct.

4.) Oral & Overall Health Risks Increase

A gap in your smile can easily trap and collect plaque, bacteria, and food particles, especially if it’s in the back of the mouth. This buildup encourages the formation of cavities, gum disease, and dental infections. What’s more, poor oral health has been linked to several systemic health concerns such as infections disease, memory loss, and heart disease.

5.) Your Facial Structure Can Change

Just because your missing tooth is in the back of your mouth doesn’t mean that it won’t impact your appearance. As soon as a tooth goes missing, the jawbone begins to deteriorate. As it shrinks away, the facial bones it supports will begin to shift as well, which can cause a sunken, aged appearance.

To protect your smile and your health from the consequences of one or more missing teeth, replace them with the next best thing: dental implants in Marietta. These unique restorations replace teeth both above and below the gumline. This provides unparalleled reliability, durability, comfort, and longevity that simply cannot be found in other tooth replacement options. Talk to your dentist to see if restoring your smile with modern treatment is right for you.

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Dr. Jeff Lee and his talented team at Muskingum Valley Oral Surgery have been serving the smiles of Marietta, OH and the surrounding communities since 2005. They have the specialized training to comfortably and precisely perform tooth extractions and dental implant placement alike. While there are a variety of ways to replace missing teeth, they firmly believe that dental implants are the best option for optimal oral and overall health. If you have questions about replacing your back molar, they invite you to reach out to them via their website or at (740) 432-8768.

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